by Sheila



I tried Crossfit for the first time yesterday.  It seems like everywhere I go someone is mentioning Crossfit and what a great workout it is, so naturally, I had to try it and see what all the buzz is about.  All I can say was ‘what a workout!’

I don’t think I’ve been this sore from a workout ever in my life.  All of my muscles ache…and I kind of like it.  I can see why it’s got kind of a cult following.

If you haven’t heard of Crossfit, it is a strength and conditioning program that varies high intensity, functional movements and typically combines body weight exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, and with sprinting and weightlifting (kettlebells, bars, medicine balls).  The workout of the day is timed and each person tries to finish the entire group of exercises within a goal time or tries to beat their best time.

The class I took was an hour long and consisted of a warm-up, strength, and workout of the day.  I had heard it was a tough workout and had some trepidation about taking the class, but decided to go for it and I’m glad I did.

I was thoroughly exhausted at the end of class and trying my best not to throw-up, but I felt like I had conquered something.  I had pushed my body to the limits and managed to surprise myself.  I did exercises that I didn’t think I could do, like box jumps, pull-ups and push presses (lifting a weighted bar overhead).

There’s something so satisfying about completing something that is challenging.  It gives you a sense of accomplishment and builds your confidence.  I will definitely be taking more Crossfit classes in the future…that is once I can walk again. Kidding, well not really : )