Matcha Green Tea

by Sheila

Let me begin by saying that I am a habitual coffee drinker.  I love the aroma and the smooth rich taste of my morning cup of java.

While I don’t drink more than one cup–well, sometimes two if I’m really tired, I always start my mornings with a fresh cup of coffee.  And if you asked me what are the three things I would take with me in case of a fire, my Tassimo coffee machine would be one of them.

That said, I occasionally like to mix up my routine or will attempt detoxes where I give up my cup of joe for a few weeks.

One thing I reach for when I am trying to mix it up is green tea.  You’ve all heard the numerous benefits that green tea has to offer, from boosting metabolism to fighting cancer, but did you know that you are not getting all of the valuable nutrients when you brew a cup of green tea?

That’s because water can only extract a fraction of the antioxidants green tea carries.  The majority actually remain trapped in the tea leaves. The only way to truly take advantage of green teas full potential is to consume the whole leaf.  That’s where matcha comes in.

Matcha green tea is stoneground tea leaves and enables you to absorb all of the vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids that no loose leaf green tea can.  In fact, in order to consume the same nutrients in a single cup of matcha, you would have to drink 10 cups of brewed green tea.

Matcha is easy to make (think instant coffee) and provides a whole host of benefits.  And good news for coffee drinkers, can give you your morning caffeine boost.  You can adjust the quantity of matcha to give you more or less caffeine.

Read below for some of the benefits of matcha green tea and how to make the perfect cup.

Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

  • Is packed with antioxidantsincluding the powerful EGCg
  • Boosts metabolism and burns calories
  • Detoxifies effectively and naturally
  • Calms and relaxes
  • Enhances mood and aids in concentration
  • Provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium
  • Fights against viruses and bacteria
  • Is rich in fiber
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Does not raise insulin levels


1. Heat 6oz of spring of filter water (just under a boil)

2. Add 1 tsp of matcha green tea powder to a mug

3. Add a few drops of hot water to mix into a paste with a spoon

4. Add remaining hot water to paste mixture and stir, you can also adjust measurement to taste

5. Matcha is ready to drink!