The Finishing Touch

by Sheila

I was running some errands earlier this week when I was suddenly inspired to buy a couple of notebooks to journal all the things that I love and inspire me.

Next to the notebooks was an aisle of fun stickers.  Stickers remind me of my childhood when my cousin Anita and I would have sticker collections.  We would collect all kinds stickers in a large photo album and  go to each others house with our stickerbooks and sit and trade them.  The nostalgia got to me and I couldn’t resist picking up a few sparkly stickers to decorate the journals.

I love these sparkly dots and thought they would look great on this flower notebook.

All decorated, I think the stickers add a nice finishing touch and make these already colorful notebooks extra sparkly.

It’s the pretty little odds and ends in my life that motivate me and make me happy.  From having my favorite orchid strategically placed where I can see it walking in my front door to pinning my favorite images on my inspiration board, it’s the little decorative touches that make me feel like I’m surrounded by beauty.  Looking at these notebooks make me smile I can’t wait to carve out some ‘me’ time to fill them with words, pictures, and whatever else inspires me.