An Adjustment

Its’s been quite some time since my last blog post.  I’ve had a lot going on at work/home/life in general and was also going through writer’s block.  I wasn’t sure what to write about nor did I have the time and energy to write a lengthy post.

You see, I’m somewhat of a perfectionist and ‘think’ I have to write these long informational articles or recipes and take a bunch of pictures, then evaluate and edit them.  The whole process is very time consuming and I just haven’t had to the energy for it lately.  So I’ve decided to make an early new year’s resolution and adjust the way I do my blog writing.  I’m going to ‘wing it’ and allow myself to let a stream of consciousness flow.

I’m not going to follow any kind of formula or rhyme or reason, thinking my posts have to be a certain length or convey a certain amount of information–they will be probably still contain a good amount of info though, I can’t help my nerdy fact finding side from coming out :), but my goal is to post more often and not worry about it so much.  Let loose and let the words fly.

So with my new attitude adjustment explained, I’d like to get on to another type of adjustment…of the chiropractic kind.

I’ve been having a lot of back and shoulder problems lately, especially in my upper right shoulder, that have not been able to be resolved through massages and heat.  I’m generally pretty healthy and have always been able to heal myself, but this time the problem persisted and got gradually worse.

I decided to make an appointment with well referred chiropractor and saw him today.  I went in for an evaluation thinking that he’s going to tell me that I’m fine because I’ve been feeling a lot better, but was amazed to learn how much I’ve got going on.

For one, I have a common problem that a lot of office professionals have with their shoulders and have a lean that comes from sitting at a desk all day, but I also have a lot of scar tissue and inflammation from my spine being slightly off.

Full disclosure, I did not have a car accident or anything major happen to jar my body, this is just from years of sitting at desk!

I always thought I could correct any problems with yoga, weight training, and just plain old good posture, but my Dr. explained to me today that those help, but if your spine is off, they will not be able to correct the root cause.

We spent the majority of the appointment evaluating different vertebrae and poking at pain points before doing some tissue work and finally ending with a spinal adjustment–which I gotta say for those of you who never had one (today was my first) was kind of fun, but weird.

A little twerk here and twist there and I heard everything crack into place.  My neck, shoulders, and back got realigned and now everything feels great.  I’m not completely cured and have a treatment plan that includes regular visits for the next few months, but I feel aligned in more ways than one.

It got me thinking about where I can make other adjustments.  If you think you need some sort of adjustment in your life, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, I invite you to explore what is serving you and what is not.  And p.s. if you’re back has been hurting you, don’t hesitate to see a professional–you’ve only got one spine and it’s best to treat it early!

Have a very Happy Holiday and New Year!