Hi, I’m Sheila and I like to take vitamins.  No, really I do.  I take so many that my friends and family actually tease me about it.  For the last five years I’ve been somewhat of a health product junkie, trying out different supplements, green drinks, and powdered concoctions.

The stash above my fridge looks like a mini pharmacy.

While I’ve always been into health and fitness, it wasn’t until I had a series of health issues in my mid-twenties that conventional doctors failed to cure (or even diagnose!) that I started to turn to a more natural and holistic way of life.

I’ve started this blog as fun place to journal about the things I’m interested in and to keep track of the vast array of supplements that I take.  My hope is that it can also serve as an honest, unbiased source of information for others looking improve their health and wellness through natural and holistic ways.

Thanks for stopping by!